.School holidays... Are OVER!!!. =(

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I bet you have all been missing my riveting blog posts this past week??!! Well, we have a new internet thingy so its all working well again!! I havnt had internet on my laptop since the 80's dance so i've got ALOT of photos to save!!!

Anyway- school holidays are over after a lovely two weeks off!!! I had a marvelous time with convention, swimming at the aquatic centre (Sorry no photos!!! Hahaha), going to the movies a few times, reading the Book of Mormon, playing basketball, doing pretty much NO homework, playing the wii (sorry no photos of this either, Bek and i were too engrossed in playing Tennis and Super Mario Kart!!! I am seriously 5 years old on the inside!!) , going rollarblading, bowling (Morgan got photos on HER camera, and they are NOT good! =P), and not working!!! Although i am fairly broke with my total savings balance right now at around $25. Im looking forward to working Friday night and Saturday to get some money!!!

Well holidays bring out some weird things in people. One day i came home and found Jory like this watching tv.

Nope, not sitting on the couch, but in fact IN the new baby bath for the new baby. I just had to take a picture he was cracking me up!
As i started playing basketball again a few weeks ago (Yeah yeah go ahead everyone laugh im used to it by now!! I used to be good you know?!) .. I thought i should get some practice in before a game. We headed to the high school a few times, Morgan the boys and I, oh and occasionally Jessam too. For some reason it will only let me upload one photo from basketball so that'll havta do for now!

Can you see why i was so overwhelmed with my school work and essentially did nothing all holidays?!!? The pile is HUGE!!!!!

I payed for it when we went back on Tuesday though as i have a million and one things to finish by next week, and this is a big weekend with me working 11-4:30 Saturday and then the awards dinner at 6! (Stay tuned for a post about how that goes)... So i am studying like mad, and finishing reading the Book of Mormon like mad so i can be finished everything (Stay tuned for a post about that too!!)
One other day i came into the family room from the lounge room and found the two boys sitting on the couch like this watching tv in their "michael jackson" hats. Jory insists his is like MJ even though it is red! He got it in Melbourne when we were there last holidays and just loves it.

The boys just love MJ, and Jory will NOT let me play any other music when he is with me in my car. His very favourite of all is Beat it and i always forget which cd it is on, but he knows what colour the cd is and what track number!! The other day we were going up the street and he said "I'm sick of Beat it, can you just put on the Jeanie song!" It took me ages to figure out what on earth he was talking about until he sang it a few times and i realised he meant "Billy Jean". Lol.

And this last photo is of Myself, Morgan and Tayla at Mowbray indoor sport and skate. Where we spend around 3 hours or so one day in the holidays. I slept SO well that night because once we left there we went swimming at the aquatic centre for another 3 hours or so. No more pictures of rollar blading shall be put onto this blog, they are just too horrible. And definately wont be appearing on anyone else's will they?! Yes i am talking to you Tayla!!!

We had fun that day when we went to the pool, Morgan and Tayla especially had fun when Dan and Jake just HAPPENED to appear there for a swim!!!
Me, i was content to play with Jory in the little kids pool, and enjoyed seeing the Kings there, i especially enjoyed it when Aaron tried to push Morgan in-the look on her face=Priceless! Oh, and we even had the opportunity to tell Lisa King just how much we love her, and even show her, with a huge hug from Tayla and myself. She would'v loved it-apart from she was all dressed already and we were dripping wet ;)

And those are some highlights from my holidays... Now im back at school and flat out! Only six weeks left for seniors!!!!!! Then exams, then the year is done!!!!!! Woohoo! =D Bring on summer holidays, and the beach, bbqs, shorts and thongs!!!!

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Simone Triffitt said...

Only 6 more wks of school?? That will go quick. Matric is pretty full-on. Yes I remember back that far. St Pat's loved to dole out heaps of homework even back then. C ya tomorrow night at the dinner.

The Jacks said...

Yup 6 weeks and counting!
I love that you went there and you're a mormon too Simone, you know exactly what it's like!!!

Anonymous said...

By 'thongs' i hope you mean ones for your feet!

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