.Reach For Excellence-Day 1 & 2.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Friday night us youth were very priveliged to be embarking on our second Multi-Stake youth convention for the year! The Devonport people caught their own bus, but us youth from Deloraine and Launceston caught a redline bus with the public, and left at 5:30. Everyone was extremely excited and fairly hypo on the bus! We anticipated being told off by the driver at some point, but he just bagged us out over the PA system, and told Brother Allen we were the best group of teenagers he's had on the bus (Wooh!)

When we arrived in Hobart there were many members who had volunteered to pick us up and drive us to the Rosney chapel where we arrived a little late for the dance. We quickly got changed and joined in the fun. The theme was "Red Carpet" and there was a photo booth and an actual red carpet on the floor. This is the Deloraine Young Women group =) Jayne's young women!!! =)

A little into the dance our MC's Collete and Elle announced that North were going to show South the dance they had been practicing- The hoedown throwdown!! We all lined up and showed them what we could do! We absolutely LOVED the fact that our stake yw presidency, Sarah and Lisa learnt it and danced it with us too!! Sarah was next to me and i could hear her giggling the whole time, and with Lisa right behind us we were laughing because we could hear her laughing the whole time!! We LOVE her laugh, it cracks us up!

We have THE BEST leaders up North, and the ones who came were SO much fun! They all think they are still teenagers, we absolutely LOVE it!!! They were; Lisa King, Allen Robbins, Sarah Parsons, and of course our stake president, President Prebble! (I forget who else came! oops) They are all totally crazy and aren't affraid to have a bit of fun with us!! See what i mean?!


Myself, Leia and Tayla at the dance...
We had a good time at the dance, but it was NOT the same without Aaron King, our wicked MC from up North who couldn't make it! We sure missed him and his totally NOT funny jokes!!!!

After the dance we headed to our Billets house, Leia and I stayed at Jake and Charlotte Prebble's house who were totally awesome!! We stopped at Macca's on the way home, a convention tradition!

Satuday morning we were meant to meet everyone at the cenotaph at 8:30am, we were a little late as Leia and I were trying her hair extensions on me! (see facebook for pictures!)
We were divided into groups and assigned a leader for "The Amazing Race"! I was in the very best group which consisted of Sam, Fraser, Campbell, myself and Jordan... We all sighed when we were assigned our leader, Lisa King!!! Joking! We actually LOVED it, as she is fairly competitive and was all pumped and ready to go! Campell said, "Wicked! The woman who ALWAYS takes photos!"

Our group, minus our leader (The papparazzi herself!) But i got a pic of her at the dance! Mwuhahaha

She is NEVER without that camera!!

We raced around Salamanca and looked for the answers to questions on our sheet, and things to take photos of..

This is my faourite photo of us "Reaching for Excellence" !!

Our group was hilarious, we were laughing the entire time, as Campbell, being from Hobart thought he knew where most things were, which just lead us on a wild goosechase most of the time!!! Even trying to leave the park he though he had a "Shortcut" That should have been our first clue!!!
We were cracking ourselves up (As Lisa said in HER blog) because we were imagining ourselves being the group that ends up fighting because one person thinks they know what they are doing (No names here, Campbell!) or being the team that thinks they are first but really like dead last!!
I had to laugh when we arrived at the park for lunch, because Jayne's team came dead last, despite leaving ten minutes early, and she is a REALLY competitive person!!!

After the amazing race, we headed to a park to have some lunch, then walked to the pool where some people braved wearing swimming caps to have a dip! I personally was enjoying sitting on the side chatting.. That was until Bek fell asleep, and the only person left to talk to was Lisa! (Just kidding, she's cool!)
When we were done at the pool we jumped on a bus back to the chapel, which was when Lisa realised she could have gone with Jayne in her car! Haha. I have a good pic of her and I on the bus, but am waiting for Jasmine to upload it to facebook so i can steal it! At the chapel we played some board games, got changed into our church clothes and then had a fireside in honour of a couple who have foster cared for over 500 children in their life. It was very inspirational, and we loved it!

We also loved it that we conned Jayne into sitting with us Deloraine girls the whole time! She loved it! Though i did suspect she was going to pinch me at one point because i got the giggles with Bek. Oops! She also kept yawning the whole way through and when i asked her why she was so tired she blamed it on Lisa with whom she had shared a hotel with the night before, and claimed that Lisa wouldn't stop talking until very early in the morning! I asked her but she denied it! =P Sadly Jayne, Lisa and Sasha left that night and missed out on all the happenings of Sunday and Monday, but we kept them updated by text!

Sunday and Monday were great, but stay tuned as i will need a whole other blog post for that! Plus i am waiting to steal some of Kieran's photos! hehehe!

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The Kings said...

oh so you all sighed when you know you got me hey!!? LOL I love how Campbell calls me the 'one who always takes photos'. Just for the record it was JAYNE talking all night!!!!

The Jacks said...

Yeah we sighed, then groaned but i though it was a bit mean to put that on a blog! lol ;)
Thanks for you're input, but i dont believe you!!!

Simone Triffitt said...

What an awesome weekend. I can't wait to read part 2.

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