.Deloraine Youth Awards Dinner.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ok, finally after waiting for over an hour these photos have all loaded up, i hope you enjoy this post because it has taken ages to load!!! lol. And after all that blogger isn't letting me arrange them!!!

On Saturday the 26th of September Deloraine had our 3rd annual youth awards dinner. Once we had found a table (they had discarded the name tags) the night started off with Bishop welcoming everyone and presenting an award while dinner was on it's way out.
Georgia Christie recieved her "faith in God" award, and that was presented to her. Im not exactly sure what you have to do though because i never went to primary but i was told it is a big achievement!!

The entre was then served which was either cauliflower or pumpkin soup (I noticed at church today we were eating the leftovers!) I didnt get a photo of the tables coz im a goose and forgot, but they looked great with white table cloths, a gold runner, yellow dafodils, gold napkins and gold stars sprinkled everywhere. All the gold was for the value of Virtue. After the entre more awards were presented. These were all presented by the stake president himself President Prebble. It was really great because he was serious enough that everyone listened to what he was saying as he presented the awards and also made a few jokes, getting everyone relaxed and happy.
As each person recieved their award, or awards, he would ask them a question or two about it or make them recite something. As Tayla went up he said "Tayla asked me specifically not to ask her any hard questions. So Tayla, what is the velocity of a airplane?"
Haha, funny man! When it was my turn he said; "So Makayla, i know that for Virtue you read the entire Book of Mormon." I said "Yes", and he said "Ok, now recite it for me.." I was like "I Nephi.." But didn't get any further luckily as everyone started clapping lol.

After some more awards the main course was served which was chicken drumsticks, potatoes and salad. I actually even got a photo of my plate full. I felt like Sister Lisa King taking photos of random things like my food!!! ;)

After this Jasmine Robbins performed a dance performance as part of the art exhibition that i had put together. I forgot to get photos coz i was too busy watching, sorry!! More awards were presented, desert was served. It was Heavenly!!! There was either chocolate, sponge or cheese cake. I was lucky enough to be passed a piece of chocolate by one of our waiters. It was so yum! Simone in the kitchen had gone a bit nuts with the raspberry sauce!!!

This is the art exhibiton that i put together. It was art work from each young women. We all had around three pieces of art each. (Bet you dont know what's mine).

Morgan with her awards for "Faith" and "Virtue"

President Prebble presenting Morgan's awards.

Bek and I discussing how much chocolate i recieved!!!

(Five blocks and a box of Forero Rochers)

Jasmine, Bek and I doing what President Prebble asked us to;

recite the Young Womens theme.

And finally these are the awards and chocolate i recieved. Don't you just love what Sister Jayne did?! The blocks of chocolate have their own special packet with the value they go with printed on them!!

All of the young women had been challenged, bribed and threatened to read the Book of Mormon cover to cover. Jayne burst into happy tears when we all told her we had finished it (Apart from Tayla and she is so close!!) As a reward we were all given a box of forero rochers. Yum!

The night was really good. We were going to perform our Grease dance but someone forgot to bring the cd, and when Jayne and Morgan left to search her room, mine, Kayla and Leia Bradbury's not one copy of the cd could be found haha!

I actually recieved my young womanhood regognition which means i have finished all of the projects and a ten hour project for each value. The necklace was lost in the mail so i didn't recieve that on the night, but it was found today as it was sent to the wrong address so Bishop presented it to me in Sacrament meeting today. I was actually fairly embarrassed as President Prebble and Bishop said a few times about how i was a convert and did six years of Personal Progress in two years. I was happy that i have finished it all and recieved my neckalce, it's so pretty. Lisa King took a photo or two of me with it today at church but i'll put them on here later on when i can steal them from her! ;)

This is my certificate for recieving my young womanhood regognition.
Thank you to everyone who organised the night, and all the waiters, cooks, and to everyone who helped clean up afterwards. It was a great night.

Oh, and dont even talk to me about the layout of this post! Blogger is going nuts and wont let me add the rest of the photos or rearrange anything!!!!

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Country/City Boy said...

Congrats, you should be proud to have done that in so short a time.

Looks like a fun night as well

The Kings said...

Makayla - you did SO well to complete it all in 2 years! Some don't even get it done in 6. You are a great example for all the YW in the stake. What a bonus getting all that chocolate too!!! :)

Unknown said...

Wow all that Chocolate I can see you are going to be on a sugar rush! Well done in completing your Personal Progress, it is great to hear that you have worked so hard in getting it done and you did it all in two years! Your an inspiration to many of the Young Women, well done!


The Jacks said...

Aww thanks you guys!! The chocolate is so great but i'll be glad to leave YW coz ive put on SOOO much weight with all the chocolate we eat!!!

Simone Triffitt said...

What a wonderful achievement!! You are not only a great example to all the YW but to us 'oldies in RS too. :)

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