.25 Random Things.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

You guys are in for a huge treat!!! I have decided to creat a list of 25 Random Things about... You guessed it, ME! How exciting!!! I bet no-one knows more than 5 =P

1. I have been forgetting to take photos of the actual interesting things i have been doing, so im doing this instead!!!

2. I am 17, and sadly still get scared at night! I don't like walking out to my car or to the garage in the dark, and for years i have had a habit of checking under my bed before i sleep (This MAY have something to do with the fact that Chey once hid under my bed and when i walked in in the dark he grabbed my leg!!) I am slowly getting better and will sometimes go to the toilet in the night without turing three lights on! =P

3. I really don't care what kind of music is popular. My taste in music will surpsise you! My favourites include: The Cranberries, Michael Jackson, Roxette, Fleetwood Mac, Taylor Swift, Nickleback and the very old old Delta Goodrem cd! (Anyone surprised?!)

4. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (http://www.lds.org/) and this is my life. Some people find it hard to understand, and it is kind of hard to explain... Being baptised into this church changed my life, made me a better person and gave me happiness. I never thought i could experience the happiness i have from the church. It is inexplainable! I don't try to force my religion on people, and i respect other people's beliefs, even though it makes me sad to see that my friends don't place great importance on religion like i do. I am deleriously happy in the church and if i ever leave it for any reason i expect one of you to give me a good kick up the bum!!!

5. I LOVE to read. I constantly have about 3 or 4 books on the go at a time. I have read so many great books and often spend too much time buying them! I love Jayne's house because she has a huge office full of books and lets me borrow any i want!!

6. I love to write! I write stories, poems, anything and everything. My journal would probably be my most prized possesion and probably a very interesting read!

7. I am a dreamer. I constantly live in my own fantasy world. This could be because of my reading or writing. When i witness things and see things i am always thinking about them and rewriting stuff in my head in my own little way and imagining stuff as a story or poem...

8. I have different dreams to my friends. My dream is a simple one. I dream of going to uni and studying, and graduating with a Doctorate degree in Psychology. I then want to open up my own practice as a Clinical Psychologist. The other part of my dream is to get married and have children =)

9. I dream of being married in an LDS Temple and refuse to settle for anything less. I also dream of having a big family, with 4-7 kids.

10. Before i gained this magnificant smile (HAHA!) i had the most crooked teeth!!! The two vampire looking ones were behind the front two which were extremely turned in. You will have to use your imagination here because there is no way im uploading a pic of that!!! I had braces for two and a half years, then a clear retainer on top and bottom, then a wire one on bottom, then a fixed wire one on bottom, then a clear plastic one on top. Needless to say i am sick of Orthodontists!!!

11. I have my P's. I have a little red car that was bought for a total of $300. But cost a bit more to fix! =P

12. I sleep with 3 doonas, and 2 blankets on my bed at night because i am always cold!!! I can NOT tolerate people moving in the bed with me. I almost killed Morgan when she had to sleep in my room and kicked her out after 2 nights! =P I feel sorry for my husband!

13. I love strawberry milk, and i always drink it. I don't like chocolate so much.

14. I like to do art. I'm not particularly good but i enjoy it =)

15. I am really bad at cooking and sewing! I am slowly learning though. I made a bag the other week, and Jayne helped me (It was like the blind leading the blind!!!!) lol.

16. I HATE sleeping in tents with a passion! I like to be outside and in nature, but not tents. They always get sand all in them, even when you aren't at the beach!!!!

17. I don't care what other people are wearing. I wear whatever i feel like and am comfortable in =) I would rather wear track pants or a pair of jeans and a hoody over a dress or skirt any day!

18. I really don't care about watching sport. I can't say i have ever watched a footy game on tv, let alone been to a live match! I WOULD like to go one day though! I go for Adelaide Crows, have a hat and a footy, but that's the extent of it lol. I couldn't name a single player =P

19. I love to play basketball. I stopped for many years but our season is starting again in the next few weeks!

20. I really don't like dogs! I am actually a little scared of them! I have a cat, "Kuta" and two fish "Tiny" and "OJ". I am also terrified of pigs and horses!!!!!!!

21. I have the craziest sense of humour and a LOT of people really don't get it and think i am being rude!! I try not to be rude to people, but i often say silly things and realise later on that it could be seen as rude!!

22. I am pretty friendly. People find me a bit over bearing, but i just find people soo interesting! (This is why i want to be a psychologist!!!) I love to know people's stories so i can figure out what made them who they are!

23. I dream about the day that my dad will be a member of our church too and we can all be sealed together, forever, in a church Temple.

24. I cannot stand to eat SEAFOOD, tomato, mushroom or marshmallows!!!! I gag eating these things!

25. Often i like to be alone. I could probably go the rest of my life living on an island by myself, with a few journals, some pens, and some music. (Plus the necessities)... Plus someone to keep me company at night time! And someone to come visit occasionally to give me hugs!!! I LOVE hugs!

There you go, 25 random things about me. Did you know more than 5?! Haha.

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The Kings said...

I think I knew about 8 or 9 - not bad! :) Parts of them anyway - like your taste in music - I knew you liked Delta :) Also knew you hated tents - can't wait for YW Camp next year - bring on the tents!!! :)

emjay1000 said...

I knew them all!! love mum x x

Simone Triffitt said...

I loved this post.

There were things I knew and things I didn't, things that surprised me and things I laughed at, things I could relate to and things that made me sigh with the hope that all your dreams come true. xx

Country/City Boy said...

I knew about the tents and the most important one, the Crows. haha.

Nice facts

The Jacks said...

Wow Lisa, i am impressed! ;)

Simone, you cracked me up i love your comment.. =)

Anonymous said...

the only one i was surprised by is the uni degree....last time we taked it was photography!!
But the rest i could of told you myself :)
love Rach xx

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