.Saturday at the Christie's.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

After work on Saturday Morgan and I went out to the Christie's place. Tayla and i were determined to come away having learnt the "hoedown throwdown" ready for the dance on convention. When we arrived there was no one home except for Tayla which provided us with the whole lounge room to practice in. About half an hour passed before Scott and Georgia arrived home, so we decided to move into Tayla's bedroom and save ourselves the embarrassment!
We learnt the dance, and can do it fairly well! .. Whilst we were having a break Morgan thought it would be fun to wrestle me! Sooo not fun! I actually kinda got hurt! And Tayla has the photos to prove that i did in fact get beaten by Morgan, my younger sister!!!
We stayed for dinner, (which was delicious by the way Jayne). And since it was Jordan's turn to wash the dishes we took pity on him and helped him by drying them. Jayne went into the lounge and was sitting on the floor. I was putting away a mug in a cupboard up high, and i accidentally knocked a little glass jug! It fell and smashed!!! Jayne went "WHO smashed something?!" Then looked over, saw i was in the kitchen and went; "OH! Dont worry, i know who it was!" (I am actually a surprisingly clumsy person, as Jordan informed me quietly!!)
I felt sooo bad!! I felt especially bad when Georgia said, "Um, great grandma Horseman gave that to mum" ... The look on my face was priceless! Georgia then told me she was joking and it was only cheap! I almost had a heart attack! =P
As a punishment, Morgan and I were forced to help Jayne cut, pin and sew our costumes for the talent night (Sorry, but they are a secret!!!) ... We got them all pretty much done though!!!
I can't believe Jayne trusted me with scissors on her carpet =P She must have forgiven me fairly quickly though because she let us eat some cupcakes =D Hehe.
It was a fun day! And i will be buying Jayne a new jug very soon!!

The photos are in a random order because blogger wont let me rearrange them tonight!!!

Tayla and I rocking at the "Hoedown throwdown" !!

Sadly, i could not actually get up!

Relaxing on Tayla's bed =P

Tayla talking to ... Wait for it... JAKE!

This is me laughing at the amount of shampoo Tayla
brought back from her holiday!!

Morgan wearing like half the necklaces Tayla ownes!

All the dancing was a bit much!

Ah yes, that is how we spent our Saturday =)

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The Kings said...

Oh I need to learn it!!! I need to just find an hour when the boys are in bed or something and work on it - don't want to be shown up by you youngins'!

Country/City Boy said...

Haha, that made me have a big smile on my face, clumsy huh, guess we all are at times :) Classic by Georgia though

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