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Monday, August 10, 2009

Ok so for some stupid reason the internet has decided to stop working on my laptop, so i have had to resort to using the home computer... Thus my blog posts have become incredibly boring as all my good photos are on my laptop and it takes too long to put photos onto the home computer from my camera...
I have searched for something interesting to blog about, and looked through all of our old photos haha (There was a LOT!), but didn't come up with much!

This first photo is taken in the bedroom i have now, but with my old bed and it all arranged differently... I was in grade nine in the photo, and i believe it was taken just before or just after my uncle died. Yes- I am in my pyjamas. =P
Let me just point out how skinny i am!!!!!
And for some reason the photo wont go any bigger when it gets clicked on!

Now this photo is of Chey and Jory (Yes Chey is there if you look closely!) The old couch is featured here, and so is a typical pile of washing for the Graham family =P
Ok, it's not usually that bad but this photo just cracks me up! The boys are just sitting there, watching T.V.

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Simone Triffitt said...

Ha ha ha I love that last pic. Typical boys... oblivious to any kind of mess.

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