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Friday, August 21, 2009

There are times when i am just SOOO grateful that i am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. (www.lds.org). It has enabled me to realise that it is the little things in life that count! I appreciate my family and friends so much. All the little moments that make me smile i just love so much!
Take last night for example. Jory and i went to Woolworths to get the necessary supplies to make tacos for dinner. As soon as we are in the car he informed me that he was NOT going anywhere unless we were listening to Michael Jackson. When i had that on he was happy and sang along to "Billy Jean", and "They dont really care about us" all the way. On the way home however, the only song that was allowed to be played was "Beat it", his all time favourite!!
When we entered the shop he decided that he was going to walk backwards the WHOLE way around! =P So he did! It cracked me up. I am grateful that i can spend this time with him while he is young, soon he will be all grown up and wont want to spend time with his sister!

Today it was Jess Wheeler's birthday (formerly Jess Bradbury =P) and i sent her a birthday message, we then got talking and she discovered i was very bored in my free! So, she invited me over to her place. So i left school and off i went to Jess' place. I found her playing the wii, which her and Anthony just bought. I stayed for ages, actually a bit too long and had to rush back to school. But i enjoyed visiting her, and seeing her now that she is married.
Her friendship is what initially attracted me to the church, without it i wouldn't have even considered becoming baptised. I am grateful for her friendship which started as friendly co workers at Woolies, and blossomed into a beautiful friendship. She stuck by me all the way as i was investigating the church. She was up late many a night talking to me and answering all of my hard and difficult questions. And i do believe that as i questioned her, and her beliefs she herself found a basis for her very own testimony. =) I love that i joined the church, and i love that i have so many little things in my life to make me happy. =D

This was taken two years ago, a few days after i was baptised.
(It looks like my eyes are shut, but they aren't!)

This is Jess and I being "Emo" completely not us! =P
Can you believe this girl is married now?!

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The Kings said...

It's so great you guys have been friends right from 'the start' and still are.

Simone Triffitt said...

What a great example you girls are. Looking very tough in that last pic ;)

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