.Friday Nights.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Well well well. It is a Friday night, and can you guess what i did tonight?
That's right, i had the privilege of going to Woolworths and standing behind a counter for 4 hours and pack groceries =D ... Don't feel bad for me though, the evening is full of fun, i am allowed to greet the customers with a simple "Hi how are you?" and i also am allowed to say "I'm well thank you" And even, if i can ask before they get it out of their wallet "Do you have a frequent shopper card?" ...
But since it was night time the conversation topics between customers and i are limited, because you can't really comment on the weather when it is dark..
My friend (And also supervisor) Jessam and i have a few ways in which we entertain ourselves... One of which is to take it in turns each shift to pick a confectionary item of our choice and buy it to snack on together... This is a secret i might add, because if you get caught with food on the checkout you get a "warning", and tonight's duty manager was none other than the store manager himself =P ...
It was all good though, i saved my money tonight as our trusty friend, Catherine, from the cash office was our supplier of chocolate for the evening =D

It was a slow night, But that was ok because we have invented some games to amuse ourselves in such situations as this... Jessam's personal favourite is "How many items can you give a customer without a bag" or something to that effect. It is a simple game, that can only be played when you are serving in the express lanes, (it's not really fair to expect a customer to carry by hand a whole trolly full of groceries! =P) At Woolworths we have a policy, and it is this, "No bag is offered for 3 or less items" .. But, if they ask for a bag we have to supply it.

The game is this: When a customer comes, instead of packing the groceries into a bag as we should, we just stack them onto the counter (Now now, don't get angry at us, we are fair, if there's stuff that's hard to carry like 5 bottles of Coke or something we will put it in a bag!)...
But anyway, the winner is the person who can get the most groceries onto the counter. You have to stop counting at the point the customer asks for a bag... And that is one of our sad little games =P (We also don't pick on people with small children, coz that's just mean!, But people with teenagers usually work well as the parents hand the food to the kids to carry!)

Now tonight i was very pleased with myself.. (This has nothing to do with the game tho lol)
This is why: We have a service manager, and she is the boss of everyone who works on the checkout, she has put up signs everywhere about the poor effort in the packing of bags, and how people need to be faster!!
The computer is a very handy little thing and lets us look up how fast we pack. Just a few simple clicks and i discovered that i pack 16.27 items per minute on average. This makes me the third fastest in the whole of Woolworths Deloraine, beating all the oldies who have worked there for like 6 years and stuff =P
Not a bad effort?!?! So, if you happen to be in Woolies Deloraine i highly reccommend my own checkout, i cant promise a riviting conversation, or even a plastic bag for you to carry your groceries in, but i will provide some fast service to you =D

This is me, clearly extremely excited to be the third fastest in the whole of Woolworths Deloraine =P

Oh yeah, in my break i had a huge sugar/chocolate craving, so this is what i bought!!!

The quality of photos is such as the food one is on my phone and the others are the webcam =P

And that is how i spend an average Friday night!!!!!!!!!!!

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Simone Triffitt said...

I had to laugh!! I worked at Coles sandy bay in Hbt for 6yrs and we would think up games too. Some of our customers were very snooty and would walk around pushing trolleys wearing leather gloves.

The Kings said...

ha ha - it actually sounds like fun!! I always tell Aaron I would love to work in a supermarket and he laughs as he thinks I would end up hating it. He worked at Woolies for 13 years and was very glad to leave.

The Jacks said...

Oh believe me it has its bad moments! There are those customers that you pack their bags perfectly then they unpack them and redo them themselves! SO annoying!! But we do have fun =)
Its not too bad, but i am aspiring to be more than the fastest check out chick in Deloraine =P

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