.The best thing EVER!.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Well i bet you can't guess what i am thinking the best thing EVER is??!!
Ok, so i was at work on Monday night, and VERY hungry as i didn't get a break... Nikki was supervising and feeling a bit pekish, so, we decided to purchase one of the new Cadbury Bubbly bars... I wasn't too keen as Cadbury's new chocolate isn't usually that great.. But i was pleasantly surprised! So you know how you can get those Nestle Aero bars? Imagine that..
Now add about double the height, and add some cadbury chocolate instead of the Nestle stuff... And what you get is a little piece of Heaven!!!!!!! No joke. I am in love! It is the greatest thing i've ever eaten =P We even purchased the good old Nestle Aero block of chocolate to compare, but we were sadly disappointed with the quality and taste!!! Lol. I shall never go back to Nestle!!

Now i must apologise to Simone here... If Simone becomes fat or addicted to "Bubbly" i am the reason, because just as i had finished my delicious bar, who should come through my check out but Simon! I was raving about it so much that he proceeded to buy not one, but three of them! (One for Simone he said =P) ... He then said he would tell Simone that i made him buy them! So, sorry Simone if you have become addicted! =P
If you like peppermint i strongly reccomend "Bubbly" !!! I loved it so much that i bought another two tonight =P Lucky i'll be working those off at Mutual tonight!!

The best chocolate in the world!!!!!

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Cullis Family said...

I love Nestle Aero Bars, so can't wait to try the Cadbury Bubbly Bar which will be so much better!! :)

Simone Triffitt said...

Well thanks Makayla... i am addicted. I ate TWO that night and went back down the confect aisle today while grocery shopping only to discover there were none left... AAHH!

The Kings said...

I went to the gym today and then had to get groceries at Woolies and low and behold they were half price, so I JUST had to try one! Yum!!!

The Jacks said...

Haha.. Simone, you aren't looking hard enough, they are in the confec isle, just down the bottom not exactly at eye level or everyone would buy them! Also there is a big stand of them near the meat at the deli (random i know) =P
They are sooo yummy!

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