.Saturday at the Christie's.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

After work on Saturday Morgan and I went out to the Christie's place. Tayla and i were determined to come away having learnt the "hoedown throwdown" ready for the dance on convention. When we arrived there was no one home except for Tayla which provided us with the whole lounge room to practice in. About half an hour passed before Scott and Georgia arrived home, so we decided to move into Tayla's bedroom and save ourselves the embarrassment!
We learnt the dance, and can do it fairly well! .. Whilst we were having a break Morgan thought it would be fun to wrestle me! Sooo not fun! I actually kinda got hurt! And Tayla has the photos to prove that i did in fact get beaten by Morgan, my younger sister!!!
We stayed for dinner, (which was delicious by the way Jayne). And since it was Jordan's turn to wash the dishes we took pity on him and helped him by drying them. Jayne went into the lounge and was sitting on the floor. I was putting away a mug in a cupboard up high, and i accidentally knocked a little glass jug! It fell and smashed!!! Jayne went "WHO smashed something?!" Then looked over, saw i was in the kitchen and went; "OH! Dont worry, i know who it was!" (I am actually a surprisingly clumsy person, as Jordan informed me quietly!!)
I felt sooo bad!! I felt especially bad when Georgia said, "Um, great grandma Horseman gave that to mum" ... The look on my face was priceless! Georgia then told me she was joking and it was only cheap! I almost had a heart attack! =P
As a punishment, Morgan and I were forced to help Jayne cut, pin and sew our costumes for the talent night (Sorry, but they are a secret!!!) ... We got them all pretty much done though!!!
I can't believe Jayne trusted me with scissors on her carpet =P She must have forgiven me fairly quickly though because she let us eat some cupcakes =D Hehe.
It was a fun day! And i will be buying Jayne a new jug very soon!!

The photos are in a random order because blogger wont let me rearrange them tonight!!!

Tayla and I rocking at the "Hoedown throwdown" !!

Sadly, i could not actually get up!

Relaxing on Tayla's bed =P

Tayla talking to ... Wait for it... JAKE!

This is me laughing at the amount of shampoo Tayla
brought back from her holiday!!

Morgan wearing like half the necklaces Tayla ownes!

All the dancing was a bit much!

Ah yes, that is how we spent our Saturday =)

.Little things.

Friday, August 21, 2009

There are times when i am just SOOO grateful that i am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. (www.lds.org). It has enabled me to realise that it is the little things in life that count! I appreciate my family and friends so much. All the little moments that make me smile i just love so much!
Take last night for example. Jory and i went to Woolworths to get the necessary supplies to make tacos for dinner. As soon as we are in the car he informed me that he was NOT going anywhere unless we were listening to Michael Jackson. When i had that on he was happy and sang along to "Billy Jean", and "They dont really care about us" all the way. On the way home however, the only song that was allowed to be played was "Beat it", his all time favourite!!
When we entered the shop he decided that he was going to walk backwards the WHOLE way around! =P So he did! It cracked me up. I am grateful that i can spend this time with him while he is young, soon he will be all grown up and wont want to spend time with his sister!

Today it was Jess Wheeler's birthday (formerly Jess Bradbury =P) and i sent her a birthday message, we then got talking and she discovered i was very bored in my free! So, she invited me over to her place. So i left school and off i went to Jess' place. I found her playing the wii, which her and Anthony just bought. I stayed for ages, actually a bit too long and had to rush back to school. But i enjoyed visiting her, and seeing her now that she is married.
Her friendship is what initially attracted me to the church, without it i wouldn't have even considered becoming baptised. I am grateful for her friendship which started as friendly co workers at Woolies, and blossomed into a beautiful friendship. She stuck by me all the way as i was investigating the church. She was up late many a night talking to me and answering all of my hard and difficult questions. And i do believe that as i questioned her, and her beliefs she herself found a basis for her very own testimony. =) I love that i joined the church, and i love that i have so many little things in my life to make me happy. =D

This was taken two years ago, a few days after i was baptised.
(It looks like my eyes are shut, but they aren't!)

This is Jess and I being "Emo" completely not us! =P
Can you believe this girl is married now?!

.The best thing EVER!.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Well i bet you can't guess what i am thinking the best thing EVER is??!!
Ok, so i was at work on Monday night, and VERY hungry as i didn't get a break... Nikki was supervising and feeling a bit pekish, so, we decided to purchase one of the new Cadbury Bubbly bars... I wasn't too keen as Cadbury's new chocolate isn't usually that great.. But i was pleasantly surprised! So you know how you can get those Nestle Aero bars? Imagine that..
Now add about double the height, and add some cadbury chocolate instead of the Nestle stuff... And what you get is a little piece of Heaven!!!!!!! No joke. I am in love! It is the greatest thing i've ever eaten =P We even purchased the good old Nestle Aero block of chocolate to compare, but we were sadly disappointed with the quality and taste!!! Lol. I shall never go back to Nestle!!

Now i must apologise to Simone here... If Simone becomes fat or addicted to "Bubbly" i am the reason, because just as i had finished my delicious bar, who should come through my check out but Simon! I was raving about it so much that he proceeded to buy not one, but three of them! (One for Simone he said =P) ... He then said he would tell Simone that i made him buy them! So, sorry Simone if you have become addicted! =P
If you like peppermint i strongly reccomend "Bubbly" !!! I loved it so much that i bought another two tonight =P Lucky i'll be working those off at Mutual tonight!!

The best chocolate in the world!!!!!

.Friday Nights.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Well well well. It is a Friday night, and can you guess what i did tonight?
That's right, i had the privilege of going to Woolworths and standing behind a counter for 4 hours and pack groceries =D ... Don't feel bad for me though, the evening is full of fun, i am allowed to greet the customers with a simple "Hi how are you?" and i also am allowed to say "I'm well thank you" And even, if i can ask before they get it out of their wallet "Do you have a frequent shopper card?" ...
But since it was night time the conversation topics between customers and i are limited, because you can't really comment on the weather when it is dark..
My friend (And also supervisor) Jessam and i have a few ways in which we entertain ourselves... One of which is to take it in turns each shift to pick a confectionary item of our choice and buy it to snack on together... This is a secret i might add, because if you get caught with food on the checkout you get a "warning", and tonight's duty manager was none other than the store manager himself =P ...
It was all good though, i saved my money tonight as our trusty friend, Catherine, from the cash office was our supplier of chocolate for the evening =D

It was a slow night, But that was ok because we have invented some games to amuse ourselves in such situations as this... Jessam's personal favourite is "How many items can you give a customer without a bag" or something to that effect. It is a simple game, that can only be played when you are serving in the express lanes, (it's not really fair to expect a customer to carry by hand a whole trolly full of groceries! =P) At Woolworths we have a policy, and it is this, "No bag is offered for 3 or less items" .. But, if they ask for a bag we have to supply it.

The game is this: When a customer comes, instead of packing the groceries into a bag as we should, we just stack them onto the counter (Now now, don't get angry at us, we are fair, if there's stuff that's hard to carry like 5 bottles of Coke or something we will put it in a bag!)...
But anyway, the winner is the person who can get the most groceries onto the counter. You have to stop counting at the point the customer asks for a bag... And that is one of our sad little games =P (We also don't pick on people with small children, coz that's just mean!, But people with teenagers usually work well as the parents hand the food to the kids to carry!)

Now tonight i was very pleased with myself.. (This has nothing to do with the game tho lol)
This is why: We have a service manager, and she is the boss of everyone who works on the checkout, she has put up signs everywhere about the poor effort in the packing of bags, and how people need to be faster!!
The computer is a very handy little thing and lets us look up how fast we pack. Just a few simple clicks and i discovered that i pack 16.27 items per minute on average. This makes me the third fastest in the whole of Woolworths Deloraine, beating all the oldies who have worked there for like 6 years and stuff =P
Not a bad effort?!?! So, if you happen to be in Woolies Deloraine i highly reccommend my own checkout, i cant promise a riviting conversation, or even a plastic bag for you to carry your groceries in, but i will provide some fast service to you =D

This is me, clearly extremely excited to be the third fastest in the whole of Woolworths Deloraine =P

Oh yeah, in my break i had a huge sugar/chocolate craving, so this is what i bought!!!

The quality of photos is such as the food one is on my phone and the others are the webcam =P

And that is how i spend an average Friday night!!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

On Saturday mum and dad decided to celebrate Chey's birthday even though it was today, because dad is leaving for Bunderburg early in the morning, for the weekend and wouldn't be able to celebrate. This sucked for me as i was working, but Morgan and I decided to drive up to Devonport after i finished...
We went out to LaPisa for dinner (Formerly LaPorchetta) which we all weren't keen on as they usually have crap meals, but it was Chey's bithday and therefore his choice, and he LOVES fetticini carbonara, so off we went. Morgan and I ended up eating the most delicious BBQ Chicken pizza ever! It was THAT good! =P It was fun to go out for dinner with all of us, plus Jackson to celebrate Chey's 10th birthday. =)

This is my hurry-up-and-stop-taking-pictures-and-get-in-the-car-because-mum-will-kill-us-if-we're-really-late face =P

This is the look on Morgan's face when she realised i was serious about playing church music the whole way =P (Thanks Lisa!!!) =D

And this is my Morgan-stop-taking-horrible-pictures-of-me-while-i-am-driving-because-i-have-to-concentrate-and-the-flash-is-distracting-me face =P

.Random moments.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Ok so for some stupid reason the internet has decided to stop working on my laptop, so i have had to resort to using the home computer... Thus my blog posts have become incredibly boring as all my good photos are on my laptop and it takes too long to put photos onto the home computer from my camera...
I have searched for something interesting to blog about, and looked through all of our old photos haha (There was a LOT!), but didn't come up with much!

This first photo is taken in the bedroom i have now, but with my old bed and it all arranged differently... I was in grade nine in the photo, and i believe it was taken just before or just after my uncle died. Yes- I am in my pyjamas. =P
Let me just point out how skinny i am!!!!!
And for some reason the photo wont go any bigger when it gets clicked on!

Now this photo is of Chey and Jory (Yes Chey is there if you look closely!) The old couch is featured here, and so is a typical pile of washing for the Graham family =P
Ok, it's not usually that bad but this photo just cracks me up! The boys are just sitting there, watching T.V.

.Mirror image.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I sure hope my future husband likes the look of my mother when he decides to marry me, because i think we can all tell what i will be looking like in the future!!!

.A Poem.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

When i stop and look...

When i stop and look
at myself,
i am no longer me.

you took parts of me
that i can never have back.

and each day,
i wake up
and i'm a little more lost
with who i am
and who i should be.

there is a deeper,
part of me now.
innocence has lost its meaning,
because i have seen
much more than i should.

i have become
someone new.
Not at all me,
and there's only You to blame.

Please don't be scared to comment!!!

(Copywright Makayla Graham 26 December 2008)
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