Friday, July 24, 2009

So, we think dad might be going through a mid life crisis (although he is only 34)... Firstly he bought a ducati, then surprised us with a kayak!
We took it up to the meander dam a while back when it was warm and tested it out...
Jory loved it... Not when i took him though! He kept leaning over to put his hand in the water, and i was getting scared because i thought it might tip the kayak over, and i REALLY didn't want
to fall in! SO, to solve this little problem i told him there were sharks in the dam, which backfired on me as he bacame really scared and rocked the kayak more lol! I then told him the truth and he calmed down again, although he did keep asking me "Are you really sure there are no sharks in here?" Hahaha I'm a mean big sister! lol...
It was good to go up there and test it out and relax! Dad loved it so much he is looking into buying two more kayaks (oh boy!) Hahaha.

Dad and Jory

Jor thought he was pretty cool out there on his own!




I needed a rest =P
This truly isn't posed lol

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Simone Triffitt said...

I only discovered the Meander dam last month on a cold dismal day and decided that it would def be the place to be in summer. We will have to have a barbie up there together.

The Kings said...

So fun!!!

The Jacks said...

Yeah for sure Simone, its cool as up there, especially in summer!

make it perfect said...

hello possum

cool photos! looks like you guys had heaps of fun, will be way cool if you buy some more kayaks then you can all be out there together!

miss you

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