.The Ball.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Yeah yeah i know im slack!
WAAAAY back in May, we had our St Patrick's College Senior Ball... It was held at The Albert Hall, or as it was known for the night, The Albert Castle... The theme for the night was haunted mansion, which was cool as there were really interesting decorations all around the hall, which included; broomsticks and bats hanging everywhere, random rats, cobwebs EVERYWHERE, and some coffins with bodies in them on the stage...
We danced away the night to the music of Dracula Dan, who as well as providing great dance music, had a bubble machine!!! (Which turned out to be the most exciting thing the whole night =P)
I went with Jim Handly, Erin and Matt, Beth and Jamie. We all went together in limo, which was pretty exciting... It picked us up after two pre ball drinks parties, and took us to the ball. On the way we had some Maison, which the boys were pretty excited about, and then i told them it was non alcoholic! The look on their face= priceless!
After the ball we went to my friend Eve's house and stayed til about 2-ish. After which we grabbed some ice cream and headed to my friend Jasmine's where we zonked out. It was a pretty fun night with lots of dancing and photos =) The sad part was the photographer had a problem with her camera and the professional ones turned out funny, but mum and I got lots with our own cameras =)

Me, Beth and Erin

My group of friends before the ball

Me and my date Jim

Most of my friends before the ball

Jamie, Beth, Erin, Matt, Me and Jim + Our Limo!

Brie, Me and Beth

Me, Kirsty, Meg and Beth after the ball

Me and Beth

My hair after i took all the pins out!

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The Kings said...

You looked beautiful Makayla!!! Love your dress. I didn't realise you went to St. Pats. The decorations sound fun too!!

The Jacks said...

Thanks, yeah im at st pats, its a good school apart from it being catholic, morgan and i find it hard but we were there before we joined the church.. Its not too bad =)

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