Thursday, June 18, 2009

I have hAd the privilegE of having the most humbling experience this past week. I have read pRobably thousaNds of books in my life, and i love it =D My favourite giFt ever is a new book, and i often buy old cheAp ones from second hand shops as well as ordering new ones in book shops and online...
For my English Studies class at sChool we are doing an IP (indepenDent study) very soon, and you are able to choose a book from the list and write about it. I haVe been working my what through the list to find one that speakS to me. I have enjoyed a lot of them and will wRite about some more later. I have just recently finishEd one called "The Kite Runner" by Khaled Hosseini.
I don't know where to bEgin with explaining this book. It is about two younG boys Amir and his seRvant Hassan in Afganistan and how one day in 1975 a mistake is made that changes their lives forever... The feaerful act of betrayal commited that day sets in mOtion the quest for redemption, aNd sets in thE boy's minds, that "There is a way to be good again".
It is a journey into a nEw world- thrOugh a universal human story that speAks to anyone who hAs evEr yearNed for a secOnd chance to maKe a change and find forgivness.
It may not sound too gReatly appealing, but i can assure you that this book has humbled me in maNy ways. It was a fantastic read, and i am looking to bUy a copy. I love it!!! I encOurage you all to read It =) Oh, a warning though, it is very... Heavy...
I hAve juSt discovered it is also a movie!!! YAY! I am goIng tO go sEarch for a coPy!! =D
(And blogger isn't lettiNg me uplOad any photoS of the coVer so, sorry!)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Makayla,
That is a fantastic book.
It really touched me, and I bought the D.V.D. because of the book.
You can borrow it any time.
Love Lorraine.

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