Sunday, June 14, 2009

Well my fellow bloggers, it has been a while, because of school work, the ball, working,
and ALOT of homework i have neglected my blog! =(

But, i am back... YAY!

So you knoW how you have those randOm inspiring moMents where you Get this crazy Kick of eneRgy and you think, hEy i might just go cleAn some stufF?! You know what im talking about, you clean evErything up and Then you dust iT all and evEn whip out the oLd vaccum cleaner? You make it alL spotless and pRetty and perfect juSt in case someonE comes over?
Well my furry butTed friendS, Today just wasn't that dAy... =)

Ah Yes, the bedroom...
SomeHow the schOol bookS wont piCk themselveS uP!

What Can I Say?

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The Kings said...

Oh yay!! You have a blog! :D Awesome! I love blogs. I did a big blog post about the overnighter if you want to check it out - may make you sad though as you will see all the fun you missed :(

Country/City Boy said...

Your bedroom does look busy with everything in it

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