Crazy times =)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Crazy times =)

So, i have a crazy fun life, and i am always taking pictures of the stuff my friends and i get up to...There is pretty much always a story behind every picture, so i'd like to share a few randoms with you =) ...

Ah, yes... Kiara and I on the bus home from school one day. We realised that we hadn't taken some photos together for a while, so we got my phone out and started snapping. Kiara thought it would be interesting to take it upside down =)
(One of the more boring stories behind a photo lol)

Hahaha... Erin, Georgina and I went to the movies one night, and as the movie (He's just not that into you) finished at aroung 11:45 we decided that it was time for a midnight snack before Maccas closed... So, we got our burgers and sat in my car and chowed down... I hate pickles, so i took mine out and sat it in the lid of the burger packet, and was VERY confused when Georgina became extrememly excited about my pickle... After she calmed down i was able to understand her gibberish and realise she was telling us that my pickle was in the shape of a love heart! ... So, i got out my phone, and took a picture to prove it =)

is a little randomer, i will warn you now... I was bored one day so i got out this pop up tent from the hallway cupboard and set it up =) Jory came in and found me in his tent, so he climbed in and Kiara took a photo =) lol

Hmmm... We were in my Religion and Philosophy class last week or so, and i decided to try on Amy's glasses as they were on the desk not too far away from me and it was quite tempting... So i tried them on and she snapped a picture =P I am so glad i don't need glasses as i look very strange lol =)

Well, this is Beth... What can i say about this photo? lol... Beth is probably the funniest kid you'll ever meet, who also happens to be one of my best friends =) One lunch time we were sitting there and Beth was complaining about not having her hat and it was quite a hot day... So, she decided to improvise by grabbing "her" jumper and wrapping it around her head... Then she looked at me, said SAME, and i snapped this lovely shot... She then realised that it was actually my jumper and ripped it off her head =P

Ah Kiara... She was just sitting there quietly a few days ago, when Jacinda decided to come up and "fix" Kiara's hair... Poor Kiara as it turned out like this =P Smashing =)

Well, thats some random snapshots of my silly crazy life =)

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