My poem

Friday, December 19, 2008

Well, i love to write, and this is a new poem i wrote and would like you all to read... Please leave comments on it =)

I threw my stone out far
and watched the ripple effect
on the sea of cool blue calm.

for a moment
the calm is disrupted
and nothing is how it seems.
then all is still and quiet
and all the fish and crabs rejoice
in their game of make believe.

I could throw a thousand stones
and it would never be what i need.

Where is the calm
that should enclose me?
From all the stones directed at me...

As i paddle towards the calm
a band wraps around me tightly
and suddenly im choking.
Drowning back into sorrow.

And yet stangely enough,
this is where i belong.

My Art...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Well this blog is mostly for my Nana Jayne. She bought me a heap of art supplies last christmas and birthday... Because she lives in Cairns she hasn't really seen what i have created with my presents... So here is some of my art work...

Nana tried to steal this one and take it back with her when she visited... Haha no suck luck...

This is a record we made at school...

This is a print of me and Kiara, i had to carve it out. I then printed it onto a shirt each for us...

A charcoal lady...

Spiderman... It got ripped though...

Some apples....

I did this print after my Uncle Stuart died...


Me and Jory

Well after 3 attempts at posting a blog about our adventures of putting up our christmas tree that were unsuccessful, i have decided to try this. This is me and my little brother Jory on our way to Young Womens 2 weeks ago. No matter how upset you are, a hug from Jory, or even one of his stunning smiles is enough to turn your whole day around. Jory is our little peacemaker, and is the funniest five year old we know (yes we may be a LITTLE biast) haha. So when asked if he wanted a photo taken with me, Jory screamed "Yes!" VERY loudly and immediately grabbed me and said "Lets take it like this" and grinned very broadly... This is us =)

First Blog

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Alright... i just typed a massive awesome blog then i dunno what happened but i somehow deleted it!! I am not impressed coz its 12:30AM!!!

Haha. At least a finally have a blog! I dont know why I havnt got one before, writing is only like my favourite thing to do.. Ever...

Haha well I will write a proper blog tommorrow and hopefully it will work!!
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