Two years

Monday, February 16, 2015

February 15th marked two years being married! so we decided to take a little trip to Hobart for the weekend. we left on the friday night after work, checked into our hotel and decided to go to kmart to find a movie to watch on our laptop. living the high life haha. 
i asked on facebook for some good pizza recommendations and crust was a clear winner, it didn't disappoint! we took it to the hotel to eat while we watched a movie. it was so good, we will definitely be back there. 

the next day we wandered around the city and did a little shopping. after we were done with shopping we went to one of our favourite places for tea - Nandos. we don't have it where we live so it's always nice to go back there, as we don't go very often. 
when we got back to our hotel Gavin made me wait in the car for half an hour while he 'set up a surprise'... i had no idea what to expect, but i was pleasantly surprised when i walked in, to see the bed all nice with confetti and some chocolate covered strawberries. he had even packed a drink dispenser with pink lemonade. it was a nice surprise. 
on sunday morning we had planned to go ice skating, but Gavin's eczema was too sore, so we decided to just head home. we had a nice little weekend away, celebrating our two year anniversary, it sure came around fast! 

and now, some photos :) 

Happy two years xx

February {10 on 10}

Monday, February 9, 2015

This month i have joined in a little photo project with some lovely ladies from the clever cookie school of blog. It is a project where we share 10 photos from our day, on the 10th of the month. We then link to another person in the circle who links to another and so on, so that everyone's blogs are linked up and we are back to the start. We are being flexible in our group, and some people may have 10 photos from one day, or 10 favourite photos from the last month. I am so excited as i have wanted to join a 10 on 10 for a long time, but didn't have anyone to participate with, until i found these lovely ladies in my clever cookie class! :) 

I am sharing ten photos from a regular weekend day in our house. We were glad for a quiet weekend after a few busy ones. I am going to try and keep my photos all in one day each month, i'll try and keep it to ten, but i can tell that i will creep over!

Our weekend started with a very welcome sleep in! The view from my side. ^^

Scrambled eggs & bacon for brunch ^^

Charlie ^^

Two photos of my nephew, James, as i couldn't choose just one of his cute face! :) ^^

I spent a few hours in the afternoon painting, which was nice as i haven't had a chance to do any for a long time. I've been working on one painting for a while now and i am excited for it to be finished. ^^

Our new kitten, Simba. (I wanted to call him Crookshanks, but Gavin won that one) ^^

Afternoon cups of tea in my favourite tea cup. ^^

I love ending my day by reading a good book in bed. I finished All the bright places the night before, and had to start a new book, although i am totally not ready to let go of that one just yet! ^^

And finally, we finished off our day as we started it - laying in bed together. ^^

Next up in the circle is Ellen, where is she is sharing some gorgeous photos from Phillip island and her parents farm. You should definitely click the link - her kids are cute and the scenery is gorgeous!

Don't forget to keep clicking all the links until you have come a full circle through all of the posts back to this one. The photos everyone is sharing from our 10 on 10 are just lovely! :)

Jet skiing (at the shack)

Friday, February 6, 2015

On our last day in St Helens we decided to head down to a small beach near the shack to have a turn of the jet ski. Every year when we are down the East Coast dad wishes that we have a jet ski and says he will get one for the next year, and this year he finally had one. 
The boys had lots of turns on it before we got down there, so Gavin and i were keen to have a go. Gavin absolutely loved it, but i hated it! I only had a turn on the donut, and Gavin went on the back of the jet ski as well. I think i would've preferred a turn just on the back of the jet ski, but after my first turn i had already had enough for the day! 
Asha was keen for another turn, and was cute going on with dad, waving and giving us the thumbs up - he loves it :) 
It was another nice sunny day, and we drove home that night around tea time. Unfortunately we only had a short stay, but it was still nice to get away! :) 

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The rest of the shack photos can be found here :) 

New years Eve & day (at the shack)

Sunday, February 1, 2015

After work on New Years Eve we headed down to the shack at St Helens to join my family. We didn't get there until around 6pm when everyone was just coming back from the beach. It was a nice warm night so the guys all had a hit of cricket while tea was cooking. We enjoyed a BBQ tea and had a quiet night celebrating the new year. We even missed the countdown on tv as Alex kept accidentally turning it off with his phone. We turned it back on the enjoy the Sydney fireworks though :)

An overload of photos below!

Morgan, Alex and James had to leave at lunchtime on New Years Day as Alex had to go to work. Before they left we took our annual family photo out the front of the shack. It is a tradition we started last year, and hope to do every year together. It is already great to see everyone changing and growing.

Silly shot! ^^ 

I love looking at this comparison of 2014 & 2015. So crazy that James isn't visible in the first photo and in the second he is 6 months old!

After Morgan, Alex and James left we headed down to a small beach not far from the shack to spend the rest of the day. It was nice and warm and the younger boys enjoyed a swim (or a float in the boat!). 

I love little sandy toes! ^^

He loves laying in the warm sand every year :) ^^

Gavin and i could only stay for two nights due to work, and we headed back home the next day. I have some more photos to share from that day, that i will put into another post :)

Time at the beach is never long enough!

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